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United we stand. Divided we fall.

Americans should be having the same reaction to COVID-19 as we did to 9/11.

We’re not. Why is that? Partisanship has no place in American society during wartime.

This is wartime. We are in a war against a disease and enemy we know little about.

And the information we do have is evolving and changing on a daily basis.

People are rapidly working to learn more about it and fight it. And you can help.

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What we need from every citizen:

A higher standard for facts. Decency. Civility. Common Ground. Compromise. Patience.

Let’s meet together in the middle to fight for what we all cherish and value:

The American Dream. The pursuit of life and health. Regardless of age.

The pursuit of liberty and freedom of expression. Opinions without hidden agendas.

The pursuit of happiness. The pursuit of employment. The pursuit of your dream.

It’s possible to want all of these freedoms for yourself, and not at the expense of others.

We challenge you to step outside of your bubble. To abandon your bias. To open your mind.

To open your heart. To love every one of your fellow Americans and honor their suffering.

Let’s not compare ourselves. Let’s come together. With liberty, justice and sympathy for all.

We’re in uncharted territory now.

Understand that no one has all the answers, and you shouldn’t expect them to.

Life isn’t always fair. Harden up. Pull together. Empathize. Sympathize. Work together.

Find something you can do to help someone else, and yourself.

What we don’t need:

Fighting, blaming, shaming, judging, hysteria, civil unrest.

Triangulate your news. Verify or at least challenge your facts and assumptions

about what has and hasn’t happened/worked in the past, what is and isn’t happening/working

right now, and what will, might and won’t work in the future. Distinguish between these things.

As Americans, we always have permission to disagree. It’s part of who we are.

But let’s do it without tearing one another apart. Let’s live to fight another day.

Together. Let us be unequivocally United Against COVID-19.

Respect to those who have fallen.


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